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Blog: Sidney Bakabella (6.10.15)

Posted: June 10, 2015

This weekend could be a huge weekend in Bakabella-land. Chicago & Indianapolis are two of my favorite towns, and they’re towns that have been very good to my wallet over the years. My Devastation Corporation are the most dominant team in any territory. I have Fritz, Watts, Jarrett, and Verne calling me every day trying to bring them in. The problem is Vince Jr. is eating up their business and they can’t afford my monsters. Luckily The Chikara Wrestling Alliance has the bankroll and the brains to bring them in. Now they have a SOLD OUT house in Chicago. You’re Welcome! I’m also excited to know that Jaka will finally get his hands on Ed Kingston. Kingston likes to pretend to be a tough guy, but when he locks up with Jaka, he’s another wannabe in the land of fighters.

My full attention is on Indianapolis. Indianapolis is Dick the Bruiser’s territory. Dick was kind enough to allow my future Chikara Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion Oleg The Usurper to stay at his place and train for his big match with Hallowicked. Oleg is what a champion should be. He’s 6’4, 270lbs. He’s agile, he’s tough, and he has my brain leading him.

The problem that I see is that Oleg is listening to that “CHIKARMY” more and more. This is a message to those “CHIKARMY” members that think Oleg should go into business for himself…MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. What Oleg and I do doesn’t affect you in the slightest. I’m the last honest man in professional wrestling. I’m doing what is right for Oleg, and my pocket. We have an ironclad contract that can’t be broken. I deserve to be the first manager in history to manage the Chikara Wrestling Alliance Tag Champions and Chikara Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion.

Three months ago, I wouldn’t want Oleg in this spot. I would’ve rather it be Flex or Jaka. But this new fire that I’ve ignited inside of Oleg is something like I’ve never seen before. Vince Jr. can put his marketing machine behind Oleg and sell foam fingers by the truckload. I have full confidence that Oleg will be World Champion. Hallowicked, thanks for the houses, kid. It’s time for Sidney Bakabella to lead the charge and put money in everyone’s pockets.

Oleg, you’re my guy! You’re the King! And soon, I’ll manage the Chikara World Champion and buy my big fat wife that waterbed she’s been hounding me about.

And you can take that to the Pay Window!


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Photo Credit(s):
Dorothy Lee