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Blog: Pinkie Sanchez (5.23.16)

Posted: May 23, 2016

I was once a man. But my own faith in the BDK has made me a shadow. I should be on top in CHIKARA, but I've become unfocused. I'm not ashamed to say I let my strings get pulled in the pursuit of glory. But whose glory?

I followed my mission. My hands were my weapon. My faith was the ammunition. My shots were precise. It was war. It was survive or nothing. I'd have carried your injured body off the battlefield, Jakob. Would you do the same for me? Recent events make me think not. Looking back on the last few months, it is clear we were never in the trenches together. I was just cannon fodder. I'm learning a lesson through all this. I am every person with a dream. You will not build a wall to suppress the dream.

To see things clearly, I had to turn my gaze backward. I watched the Infinite Gauntlet. Every moment and every mistake. What a surprise I discovered, in hindsight. I found more fulfillment teaming for a few moments with others than the last year of teaming with Jakob and his BDK. Your path is clouded, Jakob. It has clouded my own path way too long.