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Blog: Heidi Lovelace (4.28.15)

Posted: April 28, 2015

Nothing could have prepared me for my first tour of Japan. I was given words of wisdom and tips from my more experienced peers but once I arrived at the Stardom training facility I realized I was in for the most intense adventure of my life. Over my three month tour, I shared a ring with some of the BEST women in the world and trained at one of the most prestigious dojos in Japan. However, my obligations back home in America, as the newly crowned Young Lions Cup champion, weighed heavily on my mind.

I know that in order to be a successful champion, I must be a fighting champion. I am more than ready to defend the Cup against any ant, any princess, anyone in the world that deserves a shot. I know there is a multitude of talented Young Lions out there who would love to knock me off of this mountain. Now that I'm home, I won't be a hard lady to find. I worked SO hard to win this Cup, I plan on working even harder to keep it.

It's time I showed the CHIKARMY what I learned over the last 3+ months. It's been tough reading the results from overseas, knowing I should be there, standing alongside Dasher and Icarus and Mr. Touchdown. The fun has started without me. Season 15, and "Challenge of the Immortals." Well in the month of May, it's time I enter the fray.