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Blog: Snowflake (11.27.15)

Posted: November 27, 2015

{THE REPTILIAN HAS SPOKEN! My, my, Argus, you certainly are brave, aren’t you? What makes you think I would lower myself down to your level to even waste my time with you? AGAIN, for that matter??}

Please help me.

{It’s no wonder you’re frustrated. Look at where your snake has led you so far! You lost your little Challenge of the Immortals tourney that you were so boastful about being chosen for.}

Your voice... It’s the first human voice I’ve heard since September 28th, 2015.

{Meanwhile, every permutation of Snowflake & the Battleborn is one win away from number one contendership for the Campeonatos de Parejas.}

What day is it?

{At King of Trios, My Battleborn dominated former Tag Team Champions, Grand Champions, even the Bullet Club. What exactly did you do?}

What year is it?

{Oh right, you sparred with the snake before the event. He used you to prepare himself for greater things and to make himself look grand in front of our audience. He also made you look foolish.}

You heard me the other night. You spoke to me.

{I refuse to fight you again, Argus. You simply don’t deserve the collateral fame you’ll undoubtedly receive from a one on one match with me. Though we all know how desperately you need it.}

It’s so dark in here, Argus. I don’t know if my eyes are opened or closed.

{Speaking of collateral, I do enjoy a bit of collateral damage from time to time…}

You have to fight him.

{So I propose this: let’s do battle like hooligans instead. Let’s hurt each other. Let’s get some other people hurt. Let’s not make this about you and I. Let’s make it a family affair!}

He will lie to you.

{Bring your fellow reptilians, I’ll bring my Battleborn. By the time we’re done and your partners’ careers have been ended, you will realize, that like us, you too graduated into perpetual war…}

He will deceive you.

{You too were given a mask and fatigues that you didn't understand}

But he can be defeated.

You too... are Battleborn.}

Please help me. I don't want to be alone anymore.