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Blog: Race Jaxon (7.20.16)

Posted: July 20, 2016

300 DAYS! 300 Days that N_R_G has been the reigning and defending Campeones de Parejas! Defending! Defending? Defending...? Nope! Not! Nuh uh! There has been nothing defensive about our reign! Our reign has been all OFFENSIVE! We have sought the best tag teams out, and we have fought and we have scrapped and we have used the power of Electric Monkey to show everyone of them what N_R_G was all about! Since defeating The Devastation Corporation almost a year ago, challengers from around the world have believed they could take us out, get those three points and take our titles! Didn't happen! It never happened! It won't happen!

We've been international ambassadors to our beautiful NRGetic fans in Europe! Showing off our skills to the masses, seeking out all challengers! Sometimes even with the benefit of our trios partner Heidi! Heidi and Hype! All about that H! While Hype flew us across the ol' pond I stumbled across an exciting radio station on the plane...a lone saxophone purring at midnight kept me ready to show the world the excitement that is N_R_G... a cat tickled some ivory keys as I contemplated superkicking a member or The Batiri... I left that plane playing the air clarinet while I contemplated catching some air! I would have never thought of myself as a Kenny G (no relation) fan before that flight, but the smooth jazz channel won me over.

Anyway. Back on track, and Back in the Habit! CHIKARA ventures up north to Canada with Hype at the wheel and ready to topple the Moustache Mountain! I've been scouting out Trent Seven and Tyler Bate since their awesome showing at last years King of Trios tournament. They took AJ Styles and the Young Bucks to the limit. Moustache Mountain are impressive in every way. Heck, I struggle to grow facial hair but, Hype's follicles could certainly give either one of the Brits a major struggle in a mustache-growing contest! In keeping with tradition, N_R_G wants to go on the offensive and show Moustache Mountain! Canada! The U.K.! CHIKARA! Who the reigning.... and offending...Campeones de Parejas are, N_R_G! N_R_G! N_R_G! Whew. I gotta chill out. I hope the car can pick up some of those unobtrusive, whispery, lazy notes for our trip to Ontario...