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Blog: Hallowicked (4.21.15)

Posted: April 21, 2015
Wolverhampton, England photography by @theCherryFox

Unlike so many others, I have never been one to spout on about manners of which I have no knowledge. So take heed when you read these words, they have been carefully chosen and are undeniable truths all.

By the will of Nazmaldun alone I am your CHIKARA Grand Champion. I have taken this title from Icarus, as commanded, and I shall hold it until such a time as the Lord of Rot wills it lost. I take no pleasure in being a champion to CHIKARA. My reward is in watching the discord it creates. In watching friendships torn asunder and watching others struggle to gain what I hold. I shall not be driven to madness as Eddie Kingston was, spurred by the hopeless strategy of being Champion for all time. I shall instead revel in the madness that grips those who seek to unseat me. I shall not brandish the belt to rally others under the banner of CHIKARA as Icarus did to vanquish Deucalion and his Flood of followers. I shall wield it as proof to non-believers that Nazmaldun shows favor to his disciples.

I have heard the whispers surrounding me. That I have been "corrupted." That I have lost my mind. That I worship at the feet of something otherworldly...something which does not exist. I assure you I am in full command of all my faculties. Yet my motives are still questioned. How can you deny the presence of Nazmaldun? He foretold I would be Grand Champion and here I stand. The Spear and The War Hammer have already been awakened to him. The Dagger will yet know the light of his being and then be plunged into the beating heart of our enemy. How long until the rest of these dogs accept the truth? He offers any who come willingly into the fold the chance to escape their doom. All who will forsake personal glory, bare his mark, and serve him need only surrender to us. This gift is alone not extended to UltraMantis Black however. His fate is sealed and there can be no repentance for him in the eyes of the Eater. Ultramantis, you exist now only to be tormented until your bitter end.

There will come a time when all the world is swallowed by Nazmaldun's wrath. It begins at CHIKARA. Here shall be the staging ground for his global army. This place has secrets yet to be revealed even to me, secrets which my master covets. Once CHIKARA has been blackened by his grasp, ONLY when every man and woman within its confines bears the 3 branches will my next command be known. For those who resist his immutable will, the savagery of our reprisal shall be legendary.

All Glory Nazmaldun.