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Blog: Mr. Touchdown (11.30.15)

Posted: November 30, 2015

One thing that every wrestler here at CHIKARA wants to do is to leave a that no single member of the CHIKARMY will ever forget. Legacy. History. You realize we are talking about a kind of immortality, right?

I'm talking about creating moments that remain so vivid in your memory, you can rewind them in your mind and replay over and over again. Think about the prestige one has in victory versus the shame of defeat.

Sometimes your heroes are not what they're all cracked up to be. Dasher is a genuine person who always plays by the rules. He's a straight arrow in the ring, and out. If you're reading this, and Dasher is your hero, do not let my recent actions tarnish his credibility, nor his character. I on the other hand...I should not be looked up to. I am willing to cheat to get ahead. I have taken shortcuts in the past. I have done it again, during the "Challenge of the Immortals."

After Dasher lost in his title shot against Hallowicked, the whole team just sagged. I wanted to pick us back up. I wanted to give our team an edge. Get these super-talented people to believe in themselves again. I wanted us to have that moment. I wanted Dasher's Dugout to make history, to stake our claim at immortality. I wanted it so bad, I took a shortcut.

I want to apologize to Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush; this tournament was supposed to be about the spirit of competition. I want to apologize to the teams in the tournament who lost matches because of my actions and to the fans who witnessed my behavior. Most importantly, I need to apologize to Dasher Hatfield, the "Hatfield" family, and my Dugout Teammates. Guys, I'm sorry.

I'm willing to take responsibility for my actions and any consequences that may come along with them.