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Blog: Ashley Vox (5.3.17)

Posted: May 03, 2017

The Infinite Gauntlet is just days away...but I'm still banged up, icing my back, taking care of Jawsolyn. Do I feel ready? Am I close to being ready? I may not be at 100% but that's not going to stop me from doing what I must this Saturday.

Sure, there's 31 other competitors that my attention should be on but, I'm focused on Merlok. Maybe I wasn't taking things seriously enough when it came to Merlok. Maybe I was naive. He can toss Delmi and I around because that is our job, it's what we have been trained to handle. But when he laid his menacing hands on Jawsolyn, who had nothing to do with OUR match, I finally woke up. It's one thing to strike someone, but to decimate them like that, especially a non-wrestler, is unquestionably over the line. Merlok, I hope you get a good gulp of water before you enter that ring this Saturday, because the moment I sea you come - in it's all over. I will destroy you like you destroyed the one thing I love in this world and I will not show mercy. I will personally sea to it that justice is done in the Infinite Gauntlet.


Blog: Donald Kluger (5.1.17)

Posted: May 01, 2017

I thought I would pause from my RIGOROUS training schedule to share my musings about some recent developments here at CHIKARA.

Firstly, it is with the utmost enthusiasm and ZEAL that I am stratagizing for my GLORIOUS OPPORTUNITY to WIN the Infinite Gauntlet!!! This grueling and SAVAGE contest will be a TRUE TEST of my willpower. Some of the most EXTRAORDINARY competitors in the HISTORY OF CHIKARA will be competing on this FATEFUL NIGHT. In spite of these obstacles, NAY… BECAUSE of them, I believe that THIS HALF of Dez Peloton will prove victorious.

Secondly, I know that my previous statement must beg the questions “Will the luxurious Jasper Tippins also be participating? Will your friendship be at RISK?” The answer to the second inquiry is simple - Jasper and myself have FORGED a bond of real FRIENDSHIP through rigorous competition. Our friendship is NEVER at risk. Such a quandary however, is not relevant in this case, as it is with a heavy HEART I regret to inform you that Jasper Tippins will not be in attendance. He will still be in recovery from a BRUTAL attempt to qualify for the Tour de Romandie (CURSE you Richie Porte!!!)

The Infinite Gauntlet requires perseverance, determination, and ENDURANCE for success. These are traits I not only have, I EMBODY THEM. I will outlast every competitor until NONE REMAIN ANYWHERE FOREVER. I have no apprehension in calling my shot here - Donald Kluger will climb that summit and STAND TALL IN VICTORY.



Blog: Travis Huckabee (3.15.17)

Posted: March 15, 2017

I'd be lying if I said that the last few months haven't been difficult. I came up short in the Young Lions Cup tournament, I lost to a better competitor in Silver Ant at the last #HourOfPower, and my recent tag team effort with Solo Darling was unsuccessful. Though I trained relentlessly for well over a year, I never imagined how hard it would be to transition from referee to wrestler.

Say what you will, but I have met these challenges and I am still moving forward. I've heard a few times now that I could have picked a bigger tag team partner. That I could have picked a more powerful tag team partner. While there are many reasons why I'm proud to have Solo as my tag partner, it's her enthusiasm and her dedication to improvement that inspire me. She might be sidelined with a nagging injury this Sunday, but I know she'll be rooting for me to do my best. I would do that exact same thing for her. And looking ahead to Sunday's live #HourOfPower, I'll be quite happy to fight for the two of us.

I'm going to face Jeremy Leary. If there was any one man who you could call my "opposite" on the roster, I guess it'd be him. He is a heavy-handed brawler who is proud to win, even if he takes shortcuts to get there. While I don't appreciate your tactics Leary, I have to respect how dangerous you are.

While I may not have the best win-loss record as of late, I have met every challenge head-on, and this Sunday will be no different. Bring whatever you want, bring whatever you have because it takes a lot to keep me down. I don't have to prove myself to you, Leary. But to the doubters that think I should still be a referee, and to the person that always reminds me to do my best, I have a lot to prove.

Sunday. Let's rumble.