Our Season 15 tour takes us back to the Big Apple, in the midst of New York Comic Con! After you've braved the convention floor over at the Javits Center, come on over to Stage 48 for the fun-filled lucha super party!

Matches and Segments

1 Colony Collapse - Event Intro Exclusive
2 #COTI15: Princess KimberLee, Los Ice Creams vs Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, Swamp Monster
3 Argus Speaks Exclusive
4 Snowflake vs Argus
5 Snowflake Speaks Exclusive
6 Dasher's Dugout Speak Exclusive
7 #COTI15: Dasher Hatfield, Icarus vs The Wrecking Crew
8 Juan Francisco de Coronado vs Mark Andrews
9 #COTI15: Soldier Ant, Jakob Hammermeier vs Worker Ant, Amasis
10 Shynron vs Mr. Touchdown
11 Hallowicked Speaks Exclusive
12 #COTI15: The Arcane Horde vs Hallowicked, Frightmare, Blind Rage
13 Encore Match - Ophidian vs Mr. Azerbaijan Exclusive
14 Live at First Energy Stadium '15 - Official Trailer Exclusive
15 The Top 5 Moves of Soldier Ant Exclusive