CHIKARA's streak of sold-out events at the Logan Square Auditorium continues as the "Challenge of the Immortals" reaches its climax! PLUS: the Grand Championship is contested in a must-see main event bout!

Matches and Segments

1 Not Without My Daughter - Event Intro Exclusive
2 #COTI15: Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy vs die BDK
3 FarmerFrog Speaks Exclusive
4 Oleg the Usurper vs FarmerFrog
5 #COTI15: Juan Francisco de Coronado, Prakash Sabar vs Nightmare Warriors
6 N_R_G and Heidi Lovelace Speak Exclusive
7 Heidi Lovelace, N_R_G vs Blaster McMassive, Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Missile Assault Man
8 Eddie Kingston Speaks Exclusive
9 #COTI15: Icarus vs Eddie Kingston
10 Los Ice Creams vs The Throwbacks vs AC/DC vs Punk Rock All Stars
11 Shynron Speaks Exclusive
12 Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Shynron
13 Encore Match - Princess KimberLee vs Ophidian vs Fire Ant Exclusive
14 King of Trios 2015 - Official Trailer Exclusive
15 Top 5 Moves of Hype Rockwell Exclusive