Solo Darling must fly solo after the dissolution of The Rumblebees, and Ophidian is put to the test against breakout star of CMLL, Puma King. The Creatures of the Deep follow Oceanea into atomicos action, and CHIKARA favorite Crossbones makes his only Season 19 appearance, facing off against Kobald! Tony Deppen finds favor with Gen-1 Original Icarus, the Xyberhawx2000 fight for their 3rd point, and in the main event, The Closers defend their Campeonatos de Parejas for the very first time! But the proceedings are overshadowed by a few revelations, delivered to the live crowd direct from the lips of our reigning Grand Champion!

Matches and Segments

2 Xyberhawx2000 vs The Beach Bums Exclusive
3 Crossbones vs Kobald Exclusive
3 Thief Ant, Green Ant, Los Ice Creams vs Creatures of the Deep Exclusive
5 Officer Warren Barksdale vs Tony Deppen Exclusive
6 Solo Darling vs Fire Ant Exclusive
8 Ophidian vs Puma King Exclusive
10 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Throwbacks vs The Closers Exclusive