The Infinite Gauntlet returns to the Wrestle Factory in the month of May! The Infinite Gauntlet is a massive battle royal, that sees 33 competitors enter the ring, each 88 seconds apart. They fight until just one is left in the ring, and the last wrestler standing captures a "Golden Opportunity!" Past winners of the Infinite Gauntlet include Hallowicked (Season 16), Dasher Hatfield (Season 17), Solo Darling (Season 18) and Danjerhawk (Season 19), proving just how unpredictable such a match can be! Who will walk out of the Wrestle Factory with a Golden Opportunity in the Season 20 edition of The Infinite Gauntlet?

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Matches and Segments

2 Lucas Calhoun, Stray Kat vs Icarus, Travis Huckabee Exclusive
3 Missile Assault Man vs Der Wildebeest Exclusive
3 Young Lions Cup: Thief Ant vs Still Life with Apricots and Pears Exclusive
5 Fire Ant, Green Ant vs Merlok, Cajun Crawdad Exclusive