(Season 3 Finale) The feud between Men@Work and The Dark Breed reaches its climax! Can Mister ZERO finally earn a measure of revenge upon the man who betrayed him? The SuperFriends reform to challenge The Wild Cards! And at last, Jigsaw gets his shot at Larry Sweeney's Young Lions Cup.

Matches and Segments

1 Sweet 'n' Sour International vs Icarus, Jolly Roger, Lance Steel Exclusive
2 Allison Danger vs Darkness Crabtree Exclusive
3 Gran Akuma vs DJ Skittlez Exclusive
4 European Rules: Claudio Castagnoli vs Niles Young Exclusive
5 Men@Work vs The Dark Breed Exclusive
6 I Quit: Din Mak vs Mat Bomboy Exclusive
7 IWA Mid-South Tag Team Title: The Wildcards vs The SuperFriends Exclusive
8 Best of 3 Falls: Skayde vs El Oriental Exclusive
9 Young Lions Cup: Jigsaw vs Larry Sweeney Exclusive