The epic conclusion to Young Lions Cup XIV will feature the final rounds of the tournament, and special non-tournament bouts as well! Come join us live and see a new champion crowned!

Matches and Segments

1 Young Lions Cup XIV Tournament Final Exclusive
1 Grand Championship: Juan Francisco de Coronado vs Ophidian Exclusive
2 Tag World Grand Prix Qualifier: The Throwbacks vs Legion of Rot Exclusive
3 Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs BLANK Exclusive
5 Tag World Grand Prix Qualifier: Los Ice Creams vs Nouveau Aesthetic Exclusive
6 Thief Ant, Green Ant, Solo Darling, Travis Huckabee vs Cornelius Crummels, Sonny Defarge, Oceanea, Merlok Exclusive
7 Xyberhawx2000 vs DL Hurst, Anthony Greene Exclusive