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National Pro Wrestling Day 2015

Sunday, February 8th, 2015 - 2:00 PM

The 2015 celebration of National Pro Wrestling Day will raise funds for the efforts of the Seva Foundation. They've set up a direct page for donations pertaining to NPWD 2015.

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Matches and Segments

1 National Pro Wrestling Day 2015 Event Intro with Gavin Loudspeaker Event Exclusive
2 Fire Ant vs Juan Francisco de Coronado
$1.99 Event Exclusive
3 Independent Wrestling Ambassador Award presentation by Mike Quackenbush Event Exclusive
4 The Bloc Party vs Osirian Portal
$1.99 Event Exclusive
5 Shynron vs Max Smashmaster
$1.99 Event Exclusive
6 Ashley Remington vs Drew Gulak
$1.99 Event Exclusive
7 Gavin Loudspeaker speaks about The SEVA Foundation Event Exclusive
8 Old Fashioned vs Los Ice Creams
$1.99 Event Exclusive
9 Blaster McMassive vs Mr. Touchdown
$1.99 Event Exclusive
10 Princess KimberLee vs Jenny Rose
$1.99 Event Exclusive
11 N_R_G vs Flying Francis
$1.99 Event Exclusive
12 22-Person Tag Team Match Event Exclusive