The Mighty 2016 Complete DVD Bundle

Every single DVD we released in 2016 - from "The Best of 2015" compilation up to the "Temple of Doom/Supremacy" double-header that served as the Season Finale - can be yours in this special bundle! If you bought all of these titles separately, you'd pay almost $250.00. While these bundles last, you can save 60% off the regular price. Don't wait - get your 2016 DVD bundle now!

Every 2016 DVD set we released. In all, 16 titles, including "The Best of 2015" and compilation and the complete release of Season 16.


Includes the Following Matches and Segments


  1. Assemble!
  2. Supremacy - Event Intro
  3. Bullet Ant, Silver Ant vs Juan Francisco de Coronado, Wani
  4. Jeremy Leary speaks
  5. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Jeremy Leary
  6. Identity Theft
  7. Chuck Taylorâ„¢ and DUSTIN speak
  8. N_R_G vs Chuck Taylor/DUSTIN
  9. A Vision
  10. Dasher Hatfield speaks
  11. Promises of the Past
  12. Torneo Cibernetico
  13. Encore Match
  14. Bonus: The Wrestle Factory Presents Ring Shape
  15. Temple of Doom - Official Trailer
  16. Endgame