Temple of Doom and Supremacy DVD

Temple of Doom For the first time in a decade, we host a Mask vs. Mask match - both Frightmare and Amasis have signed for a Lucha de Apuesta in the main event attraction! One man will leave with his identity stripped away. Plus: Solo Darling enters into the size mismatch of the season as she faces super heavyweight Max Smashmaster, one-on-one. The boiling rivalry between Dez Peloton and Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge reaches a head, while Drew Gulak looks to exact a measure of revenge against Lucas Calhoun. Following the events of "Like Phantoms, Forever" and the maiming of Soldier Ant, we bid farewell to a loyal soldier, and a cornerstone of the CHIKARA community.

Supremacy The Windy City hosted our epic Season 16 Finale - we play the final notes at "Supremacy"! The 12th annual Torneo Cibernetico headlines, pitting Dasher Hatfield's squad of CHIKARA's Mightiest Heroes against Hallowicked and his heXed Men! Hype Rockwell and Race Jaxon struggle to get back on the same page, while Chuck Taylor and DUSTIN begin to discover some common ground. Plus: the WWE-bound Drew Gulak bids farewell as only he can.

Own both events on this two DVD set for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments


  1. Assemble!
  2. Supremacy - Event Intro
  3. Bullet Ant, Silver Ant vs Juan Francisco de Coronado, Wani
  4. Jeremy Leary speaks
  5. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Jeremy Leary
  6. Identity Theft
  7. Chuck Taylorâ„¢ and DUSTIN speak
  8. N_R_G vs Chuck Taylor/DUSTIN
  9. A Vision
  10. Dasher Hatfield speaks
  11. Promises of the Past
  12. Torneo Cibernetico
  13. Encore Match
  14. Bonus: The Wrestle Factory Presents Ring Shape
  15. Temple of Doom - Official Trailer
  16. Endgame

Temple of Doom

  1. Temple of Doom - Event Intro
  2. You Will Pay
  3. Lucas Calhoun vs Drew Gulak
  4. The Submission Squad vs Team Big Deal
  5. The Final Face Off
  6. Crummels & Defarge speak
  7. Dez Peloton vs Cornelius Crummels, Sonny Defarge
  8. A Soldier, A Cornerstone.
  9. Farewell to Soldier Ant
  10. Guts and Heart
  11. Max Smashmaster & Sidney Bakabella speak
  12. Solo Darling vs Max Smashmaster
  13. Sweet versus Salty
  14. Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad speak
  15. Los Ice Creams vs Hermit Crab, Cajun Crawdad
  16. Ripped
  17. Mask vs Mask: Amasis vs Frightmare
  18. Bonus: The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape