Wrestle Factory Tuition

Seminar in Philadelphia at the Wrestle Factory with Solo Darling - April 14

"Do you feel like everything you’re doing isn’t progressing as you hoped? Like your wheels are stuck in the mud? Are your performances not landing the way you expected, but you aren’t sure why? I spent a decade not getting what I wanted out of my wrestling career. I know how frustrating all of it can be. Let me show you the tips, hacks, and lessons that led to the most satisfying year of growth in my whole career." -SD

This special seminar will be 2 hours long, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm on Sunday, April 14th and will take place at The Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, PA. *Seminar attendees will be invited to participate in a special event following this seminar at 2:30 pm, expected to last an additional 2 hours.*