April 2014

Part Three: Dawn

Posted: April 01, 2014

With chaos escalating, Icarus’ desperation mounted, but given his checkered past, many former members of the CHIKARA roster were reluctant to align themselves with him. However, with the villains growing in power and in number, it became clear that past rivalries would have to be put aside lest all remnants of CHIKARA be destroyed.

February 1, 2014 marked National Pro Wrestling Day, an expression of pro-wrestling’s positive power in the world and a symbol of all the best elements of the art form. In other words, it is the exact sort of place to make a statement…or take a stand. During a hard-fought bout between two of Wrestling is Heart’s brightest stars, they flooded the Palmer Center: GEKIDO, Dr. Cube and his posse, Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes, The Colony: Xtreme Force, Sinn Bodhi and his Odditorium, and Sidney Bakabella’s Wrecking Crew. Dr. Cube’s hooded minions filled up every remaining bit of space in the arena. Then, a trio of masked villains took center stage, one of which revealed himself to be Jimmy Jacobs. Assembled, they were 40 strong.

Flanked by Hallowicked, The Colony, Dasher Hatfield and a few rookies, Icarus took a stand. Hopelessly outnumbered by a sea of villains, these eight heroes seemed destined for defeat. Jacobs mocked Icarus for coming to wage war with no army. Victory would be impossible…if only eight had answered the call. But to the surprise of those inside the jam-packed Palmer Center and the thousands watching live on YouTube, the minions revealed themselves to be members of CHIKARA! With the higher ground, the villains briefly enjoyed an advantage, that is, until a timely trio returned at the most crucial moment. A honking horn and a thick plume of smoke preceded the arrival of a DeLorean DMC-12 and its passengers: Archibald Peck and 3.0! Joined by the members of the long-suffering Submission Squad and Wrestling is Heart’s finest, they turned the tide and sent the villains scurrying off with their tails between their legs!

As fans and wrestlers alike celebrated their victory, Icarus stood in the ring and held aloft a sign on which he had inscribed a fateful date – 5.25.14. Over the crowd’s elated cheers, he spoke these words: “Tell ‘em! Tell the world! We’re coming back!”