June 2014

Blog: Mike Quackenbush (6.20.14)

Posted: June 14, 2014

Greetings, CHIKARMY!

As the new Director of Fun here at CHIKARA, I’ve needed to adjust to a world of new responsibilities that have really shown me how hard a job like this can be. Managing some combustible situations entwined with explosive personalities…all while trying to set a course for the future.

Although I need to get on the road to Illinois, I did not want the events of this coming weekend to unfold before taking a moment to address a few topics that are on the minds of everyone – fan and wrestler alike. First and foremost: The Flood. The supergroup of rudos that have been organized by Jimmy Jacobs for Deucalion. I don’t like what these men stand for one bit. My first instinct was to take every measure I could to prevent the members of The Flood from ever darkening our ring again. However, I am all too aware that these men will attack at any moment. They’ll pull up in their vans, break through the door, and as they have clearly demonstrated more times than I would care to remember, they can have a lethal impact on a wrestling organization when they get the upperhand.

So after careful consideration of their tactics, I’ve come to realize that it is better to face a threat like this head on. When you’ve got two parties that want to slug out their differences, I am of the opinion that you let them fight. During my years as an active wrestler, I signed more than one open contract, not knowing who I would face in the ring. Is that an ideal circumstance? Let me tell you, the answer is no. You cannot train for an unknown opponent. You cannot prepare for an unknown opponent. Sometimes, the nervous energy that comes with that unknown element is exactly what you need to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. Other times, it can be your undoing.

Here is something I know of the CHIKARA roster: they are not the least bit afraid to fight for something they believe in. And to fight the forces that want to not just steal it, not just trample it, but kill the thing they believe in? Well. Maybe the taste The Flood got at National Pro Wrestling Day wasn’t enough. Maybe it only served to whet their appetite. If so, belly up boys. The finest group of professional wrestlers I have ever known will be happy to give you your fill.

CHIKARA will take the fight right to you, members of The Flood. And it’s no secret where we’re headed in Season 14. I can’t make lavish guarantees or allow for outlandish provisions, but here’s a promise: if they want to try their luck, head-to-head, in the center of the ring, I’m going to let them fight. Let’s not settle this in a parking lot or at a skatepark. Whatever it is you think you have to prove, prove it between the ropes.

I also want to address the 3-point system that has always governed los Campeonatos de Parejas. All the past points that have been racked up over the years, I am wiping from the board. We’re keeping the 3-point system, but the accounting begins with the Season 14 premiere, “You Only Live Twice.” Any previous points accrued in past years are now null and void.

Well, time to hit the road. We’ve got two of the greatest wrestling cities on the tour schedule this weekend. Chicago and Detroit, we cannot wait to see you – it’s been waaaay too long. I hope to see as many of you there as the seating charts permit!