July 2014

Blog: Kid Cyclone (7.8.14)

Posted: July 14, 2014

Two more have fallen at the hands of The Flood. The body count continues to grow, with casualties on both sides. Meanwhile, I lie in wait. Icarus and Hallowicked know that I…that we are ready, but we remain on the sidelines. Kept on the backburner because we lack “experience.”

3quinox, C-A-W, the Greenhorn Militia and I may not be set to officially debut until August 3rd, but we are more than ready to do battle. Do you know who I’ve sparred with? Do you know how many hours a week we spend training? We are more than fit to handle the 17s, the Dr. Cubes, the Kizarnys…the underbosses of The Flood. Piece a cake.

CHIKARA is back and now it’s time for the young boys/new guys/greenhorns to sweep the ring. We can trim the fat. We can peel back the layers of this stinking, rotting onion that’s poisoning our way of life. We don’t want the whole dish, just a taste. And slowly but surely we’ll make our way to the main course, ol’ tendril-teeth himself! But first on our list is 17.

Let’s get real bro, Icarus is busy with his duties as Grand Champion of CHIKARA. ‘Wicked has his plate plenty full as well, but if either of them are reading this, or anyone ELSE for that matter, I hope they know how sincere my intentions are. I just want to help! Heck, if a cancer like 17 can be eradicated, then there will be more room for harmony right? More room for healthy growth! Which is exactly what my team must do.

So we will branch out. We will spread our wings, and get the experince we need. C-A-W will handle the Northeast, 3quinox is ready to dominate the south and me? I’m headed out west, sucker, and before you know it, we’ll be ready to eliminate our opposition, permanently.

See ya August 3rd! Whoosh!