July 2015

Blog: Mr. Touchdown (7.22.15)

Posted: July 22, 2015

Feelings are mutual, but thoughts can ruin a lifetime of work. Frustration and self doubt can lead a man to quit before the job is done, Icarus.

Let's go back to June 2, 2013. To "Aniversario, Never Compromise". A day which was like no other. You were in the main event. Icarus, you had the CHIKARA Special locked on Eddie Kingston. The championship was within your grasp, probably just as it was in the dreams you must have had every night before that match. All the struggle, all the pain, every time you gave your all and fell on your face, just to get up and do it again. Things were going to finally pay off. Everything you've ever wanted must have felt so real...but then it was gone.

CHIKARA was no more and Condor Security evacuated the building. For the rest of us, it was like time stood still in the months that followed. The grief and the hopelessness overtook us all. We boarded the lifeboats. We went to Wrestling is Cool and Wrestling is Heart and Wrestling is Intense. We sailed away as the ship sank. We went on and found life outside of CHIKARA.

Your peers moved on. While others may have lost their passion and pride, you stood strong and you stood for what you and the rest of the founding fathers of CHIKARA believed in, when it all started back in 2002. It was clear that you were not about to give up. No matter how many people didn't want to hear your message, and thought that CHIKARA was gone forever. You're perseverance is what gives the roster a stage to perform on today, and allows our loyal CHIKARMY to sit ringside and witness it all. And don't forget "You Only Live Twice". At the grand return of CHIKARA - you finally accomplished your goal. A dream come true.

We all have battles to face, it's a daily fight. Those who have the courage to sacrifice it all for what they believe in, always come out on top. Muhammad Ali once said, "He who is not courageous enough to take risk will accomplish nothing in life." You may have to take some risk to get there. Dig deep, my friend and you'll be on top of the mountain once again.

-Mr. TD

Blog: Silver Ant (7.17.15)

Posted: July 17, 2015

I'm writing this to make something clear to Blaster McMassive. Blaster, you need to learn how to accept defeat. I know you've only had two or three singles matches in your whole career, so let me do my best to teach you a thing or two. You're not going to win them all.

Blaster, I knew we would have a brutal match in Chicago when I saw it announced...and we did. It could have gone either way, but after ten hard minutes, I choked you out in the middle of the ring clean as a sheet. That should be the end of the story right there. Instead, the next night in Indiana I had a Challenge Of The Immortals trios match against three other Wrecking Crew goofs and of course, even though you weren't in the match, you couldn't resist an opportunity to come out and show the people of Indiana how pretty your face paint was that day.

I feel like I've said this a thousand times since the start of this season, my number one goal is to win the Challenge Of The Immortals. Winning is my job. Your job in Indiana was to stand around at ringside and watch the Nightmare Warriors beat your friends and get another Challenge Of The Immortals point. I guess that wasn't enough for you. Maybe that loss from the night before was just too much to deal with. You felt the need to jump into the ring and sneak attack me, costing me and my team the match and more importantly, costing us a point in the Challenge Of The Immortals. Before you injected yourself into that match, I was ready to move on and focus on winning this tournament. Now you need to be taught a lesson.

So we've got ourselves a rematch on July 26th in Rhode Island. All because you couldn't deal with the result of our first match. If that match in Chicago wasn't decisive enough for you, then I guess I'm just going to have to keep choking you out until you learn to accept defeat.


Blog: Jervis Cottonbelly (7.13.15)

Posted: July 13, 2015

As a young lad, growing up at Bastable Abbey in Lancashire, England, tomfoolery reigned supreme. Whether it was letting our muddy-pawed canine into the main dining hall or tricking the first footman into spraying himself with a showering hose whilst drawing a bath, my brother and I always found ourselves creating our own fun.

Yes, boredom was like a sickness for us. Save for a very special weekend that came only once a year.

You see, every fall the carnival would come to our estate. And with each passing year, the professional grappling attraction drew me in more and more. The pageantry! The technical prowess! The masterful holds! It was all I could do to contain myself.

When I came of age, I asked my father if I could learn the ways of the grappler. After all, my brother was heir to Bastable Abbey and my future was far from set in stone.

Sadly, for me, my father reacted horribly to the prospect of me becoming a grappler.

"How dare you besmirch the good, Cottonbelly name” he’d shout.

I was crushed. But with or without his support, I vowed to make a respectable, gentlemanly success of myself. The next time the carnival came to town, I stole away with them as they left, hiding in a dressing trunk.

I haven’t seen my father since that night, over 100 years ago.

My journey in the world of Professional Wrestling has taken me far and wide. I’ve made great friendships and have learned so much about myself along the way.

On 25 JULY in South Windsor, CT, I will do battle for my first ever championship in CHIKARA, Los Campenatos de Parejas. I will stand side-by-side with one of the toughest, yet elegant ladies to ever grace the Squared Circle, Princess KimberLee. And though our Crown and Court partners, Los Ice Creams’ minds may not always be in the right place, their hearts certainly are and they will be there to support us as well. Will you? Can we count on your support? I surely hope so.

I’ve faced the Devastation Corporation before, but have never won. In fact, I’ve usually fainted in their presence. But now, I have the fearless Princess by my side! Now, we truly believe in ourselves. Now, we have you.

On 25 JULY, I will be brave.

On 25 JULY, I will not faint.

On 25 JULY, I will make my father proud.

With your help, on 25 JULY, 2015, Princess KimberLee & Jervis Cottonbelly will be called "Champions."

Jervis Cottonbelly

Blog: Icarus (7.6.15)

Posted: July 06, 2015

You hear Gavin start the preamble for your match and hit your last bit of warm-ups. A few push-ups, tuck jumps, and shoulder rolls later you start your checklist.

Boots Tied? Check.
Wrist gauntlets? On and tied, check.
Kick Pads? Tied and tucked, check.
Water Bottle? Check.
Belt? Belt? Belt! Oh yeah. That last moment before you step through the curtain, a great big pit of emptiness as you're reminded of your loss.

It's been 3 months since I've lost my place. Three months of questioning and self-doubt. What did I do wrong? Did I push too hard? Not enough? Did I let my emotions get in the way, or was it pride? What's next? Go again? Of course.

Can I do it again? Is it worth the heartache? YES! Are you sure? It's been three months and I can't figure it out. I can't figure it out!

And now? Now I'm just that guy on the roster. Just another face in the crowd. I'll still be out there trying. Because that's who I am, at least. But I have no belt. No title. The Grand Championship....lost. I recently chalked up a loss to that powder puff Kevin Condron at "Sword of Destiny" because I couldn't get my head in the game. Or maybe I've lost a step? I'm tired. I'm frustrated. But I'm still here. For now.