January 2016

Blog: Dasher Hatfield (1.6.16)

Posted: January 06, 2016
Cibernetico photo by Zia Hiltey


I use these three words to describe a man that always manages to find his way to victory. A man that, despite his conniving and devious ways, has proven time and time again to be perfectly capable of handling himself inside the squared circle. I speak of Juan Francisco de Coronado, the sole survivor of the Torneo Cibernetico at "Top Banana."
I left Philadelphia that day never actually settling the score I was planning on settling during the Cibernetico. And now, it seems I have a new score to settle. I wasn't pinned. I did not submit. And I understand why you don't want to face me one-on-one, Juan. You got to be Mr. Top Banana thanks to your partners-in-crime, thanks to underhandedness...I wonder if you even have a sense of fair play? I wonder when is the last time you won a match, clean, all by yourself? If it's got to be a tag match to get your name on the dotted line Juan, then ol' Dasher will just have to bring enough of a whoopin’ for the both of ya!

Pound-for-pound the toughest competitor in CHIKARA!

I use these three descriptors to describe a young lady I have grown very fond of over the past 12 months. Throughout the "Challenge of the Immortals" I had a teammate who, day in and day out, came to fight! In good times and bad, this teammate of mine never faltered, never backed down, and never quit. If there is one person I want standing in my corner in 2016 it is absolutely Miss Heidi Lovelace. I have watched her grow as a competitor, and she continues to improve each and every time she steps in the squared circle. She impresses me every single time.

Recent events have helped me rethink the people in which I trust. Let’s just say that list is currently very short. Sitting at the top of this list is you, Miss Lovelace. Sooooo I head into 2016 with a great grin on my face. I have an opponent I am going to love kicking the snot out of, a partner I would trust with the secret to my split finger fastball, and not to mention I get to spend another year wrestling in front of the greatest fans in the entire world! Life is grand.

Ta Ta for now,