June 2016

Blog: Jakob Hammermeier (6.30.16)

Posted: June 30, 2016

You just couldn't help yourself, could you Eddie?

Is there a more quintessential Eddie Kingston move than to not only sabotage your chance to cash in your own three points, but to actually get suspended as well? Bravo. Striking the harmless referee whom you refused to listen to during your most recent temper tantrum at Tightrope. Attacking an official. You've surely outdone yourself this time, Eddie. You throw those things away, why? Because I won't turn around and look at your stupid face? I'm not here to play Simon Says, I'm here to rule MY kingdom...CHIKARA.

Gee golly, good thing you taught me that lesson Eddie. My knuckles are still aching from pulverizing the once Great War King's not so royal jaw....again.....for the fourth time (if you're keeping count at home.)

All teasing aside, you really have taught me quite a bit. You have shown me time and time again how a King should NEVER behave. A mistake that I'll be more than happy to rectify on both of our behalves.

Despite the modicum of bias I may or may not have against the former War King, I take a great amount of pity to see someone who used to be so great, continue to fall from grace. It's a real shame. Real shame. Once, you were not just a threat, you were THE threat at CHIKARA. But no more.

Enjoy your time off Eddie. Maybe you should use this absolutely necessary punishment as an opportunity to reflect on yourself and grow both as a man, and as a warrior.



- JH

Blog: Mike Quackenbush (6.5.16)

Posted: June 05, 2016

There have been very few matches in CHIKARA history conducted with the stipulation "No Disqualification" - but maybe not for the reasons you might expect. The truth about these matches is, it can be very difficult to get the result you want.

Finding two wrestlers that both consign themselves to what a "No Disqualification" match includes is difficult. To put it in simple terms, you are putting your match in the geographic center of "Shenaniganville." No matter how intense a rivalry might be, this can be an unattractive option. You know you are opening yourself up for outside interference. You know you are opening yourself up for illegal tactics, like the use of a foreign object, for example. And the normal rules of the ring will not protect you. So, yes, maybe you have more at your disposal. More weapons to employ against your enemy. So too do they. And if what you're really chasing is your enemy's defeat...is this the best route to that destination? Because no matter your strategy, your journey still starts in "Shenaniganville."

A match with the "No Disqualification" stipulation is a dangerous one, an unpredictable one. For every crafty idea you might think to employ, someone out there has conjured something even craftier. Even nastier. These types of matches can easily spiral out of control. Even under traditional rules, we saw (as recently as last month!) a referee get kicked right in the face. No matter how wild the action gets though, there must always be an arbiter. To count the pin, or acknowledge the submission, or in the event of a knockout, to just stop the match. Given the likelihood of a match like this, between two men like Mr. Touchdown and Juan Francisco de Coronado, getting a little on the crazy side, I have decided to appoint a special referee specifically for this contest. I am counting on you, Dasher Hatfield, to be the law in this relatively lawless match.