July 2017

Blog: Travis Huckabee (7.5.17)

Posted: July 05, 2017

As Saturday quickly approaches, I realize how far it is that I have come. A year ago I was a referee, but in just a few short days, I'll be challenging for los Campeonatos de Parejas. I've been given the opportunity to do what I believed to be impossible, in no small part thanks to my tag team partner in The Rumblebees, Solo Darling. Not only was it her winning of the Infinite Gauntlet that gave us this Golden Opportunity, but her courage and spirit were the things that inspire me to attempt the impossible.

That crazy ball of energy is my tag partner, but I'm also proud to call her my friend. I can't help but see the coincidence that this Saturday we will be challenging Cornelius Crummels and Sonny Defarge, the first team that Solo and I fought as a team. When we were just starting out, before we were even called "The Rumblebees," we had our baptism of fire facing that exact duo, and they got the better of us back then. Solo and I have come a long way since then.

Crummels and Defarge have come a long way, too. At the end of Season 17, they captured los Campeonatos and have successfully defended them time and time again. Come Saturday though... their time is over. The Rumblebees have been buzzing, and we've got a few new things that the dirtiest players in the game won't see coming. We've been training harder than ever for this, and Solo and I, we bring out the best in each other. We make each other better wrestlers, and when we get to North Carolina, we'll prove we're better than the guys holding those two golden belts.

In Gibsonville, let's rumble.