October 2017

Blog: Travis Huckabee (10.25.17)

Posted: October 25, 2017

It’s been a long two weeks for the Rumblebees. I've just recently recovered from my #HourOfPower match against Rory Gulak and despite her unwillingness to admit it, I know the same could be said for my partner Solo. She took a pounding at the hands of Sonny Defarge, but gave it her all, and even in defeat, can be proud of what she left in the ring. We've both needed this week to recover. And though we've enjoyed tag team success lately, we've had less luck individually. I am disappointed to have lost to Rory once again, and I’m disappointed to have been unable to help out my friend and fellow Rumblebee.

We're about to depart for Chicago, and we both have unique challenges ahead of us at the double-header on October 28th. Solo is set to rumble against perhaps the most accomplished graduate of the Wrestle Factory, Hallowicked, and I'll be against the midwestern up-and-comer, Everett Connors. Last time we were in Chicago, Swolo fought a bigger, stronger opponent and of course, she never backed down. Not even for a second. EC is as tough as they come but I've made my name as someone who will always endure. Everett Connors recently came close to capturing the Young Lions Cup - I can't say the same. And Hallowicked is the only 2-time Grand Champion in the history of CHIKARA. These are tall tasks awaiting us on Saturday in the Windy City, Solo. Don't let our recent defeats bog you down. We keep training, we keep improving, each and every day. People might think you don't stand a chance again Hallowicked. Then again, people didn't think we could ever capture Los Campeonatos, either.


Blog: Ophidian (10.18.17)

Posted: October 18, 2017

The path I am on is steady. Unwavering. My ultimate victory is growing ever closer as I continue to prove myself to be the superior Ophidian. Win the Rey de Voladores tournament? Check. I did so in less time than the inferior Ophidian.

Secure the Young Lions Cup? Done. An accolade he never earned. I took it with ease. Everything is exactly as I have planned.

Do you understand now? This power you have wasted for so long? Do you see now what could have been? Overtaking the mind of your opponent and controlling their every move. Two kinds of people I suppose. You were the first. I am the second. The type that makes people hurt each other. The type that makes people lose motor function, rendering their bodies useless. Look what I’ve accomplished as a result.

While your accomplishments now pale in comparison to my own, this whole time I’ve felt something has been… missing. It was only recently that I realized what I had left to do. What I needed to truly cement my victory. Los Campeonatos de Parejas. More importantly. The Osirian Portal. Your greatest failure will become my greatest achievement. It was your duty to protect him, and you failed with flying colors. What you let die last year, I will resurrect. On October 28th I turn back the clock on the Portal of Osiris - the very same thing that brought you CHIKARA - to December of last year. I’ll forge my path to greatness in the place of your darkest hour, and I’ll do it with the Pharaoh you failed for the last time.