February 2018

Blog: Cornelius Crummels (2.12.18)

Posted: February 12, 2018

Greetings of the season CHIKARMY,

As most of you know by now, National Pro Wrestling Day is mere days away. Mr. Defarge and I find ourselves schedule to duel with "The Beach Bums" at this upcoming event. In all of our previous business dealings with "bums," rest assured, we have succeeded. These "bums" may be slightly more difficult to triumph over, given their sandy origin and greasy skin, but even soiled, sullied and unscrupulous men such as these have met their undoing at our hands.

These "bums" have claimed numerous victories in their career, but will find that Mr. Defarge and I are unlike any team they have battled before. After our victory at NPWD, we will advance into the Tag World Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious and renowned tournaments in CHIKARA's stories history. At TWGP, we will defeat three other teams in a single day, once again lay claim to those three golden points, and then challenge for the Campeonatos de Parejas. We have captured those titles before, and we will most certainly capture them again. It's been too long since Mr. Defarge and I had the taste of gold on our lips, and it's time to remind the wrestling world how we do business.


Blog: BLANK (2.6.18)

Posted: February 06, 2018

Art is the lie that enables us to view the truth. But what is the truth? What is the lie? What is the art? Where is beauty? Where is imperfection? Who is reality? What is BLANK? ...but more importantly, Boar, what are you?

Every creator sees no canvas is ever blank. An unfilled canvas is home to many masterpieces, it takes the artist to uncover them. I am a masterpiece, I am a creator, and neither CHIKARA nor the world at large world is arranged to accept all that I am.

The violence, the destruction, the gores! I like them Boar, but you are merely a sketch. You hide Boar, you hide behind a face, a grotesque and vile face, but I want to know what's inside... The masterpiece that I am was forced into this current stitched confinement. This is not my choice, but the shelter you choose is yours, Boar. I'm not the one who needs to hide Boar, what beauty do you wish to conceal? How might I help you realize a new aesthetic?

I'm interested in creation, I've sketched, I've traced and I've begun many pieces. But none have been to my satisfaction... yet.

Boar you are grotesque, in an out-moded sort of way, but I am of the belief I could make you more... today! I find nothing as offensive as wasted potential but I know I could help you rid yourself of the waste. Be the first piece in my avant garde. The exhibition begins on National Pro Wrestling Day!