Blog: Kevin Condron (8.3.15)

I assumed that by now I would've been granted a team for this year's King of Trios tournament. Perhaps it was wrong of me to assume that I would. I mean all entire career I have been over-looked.

My peers at the Wrestle Factory deemed me too sensitive to make it. Even my GHM partners called me "snowflake" on occasion. I have never truly had the respect of our locker room. But when I win King of Trios...that's when everything will be different.

I've spent the majority of my life in group homes. I've never had a true, honest to goodness family. Those boxes of CHIKARA DVD's delivered to the Children's Home of Easton became the only family I ever knew.

Since then, every single mentor I've had here, has let me down. But now, I am the mentor. And my "Battleborn" are no longer your cannon fodder. We are no longer your expendable pawns. March us to the front lines and we will turn 180 degrees then fire on you.

I vow to win King of Trios not for vanity or for gold, but for the platform that it provides. Once I prove my team's worth at CHIKARA's largest event of all time, you will have no choice but to pay attention to me. Then, I will end the cycle of forgiveness that exists in the CHIKARAverse.

So Director Quackenbush, I urge you, let me, let us compete. Please. I respect you, I respect your rules and I always have. All we want is a fair shot like the rest of our peers. I know that we've had our differences and growing pains have really done a number on me, but I can be better, Director, I know I can.

Show the people that you respect healthy competition. Don't let the people say that "Mike Quackenbush held Kevin Condron back," prove them wrong, Director!

Sincerely and truly,
Kevin Michael Condron