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Blog: BLANK (2.6.18)

Posted: February 06, 2018

Art is the lie that enables us to view the truth. But what is the truth? What is the lie? What is the art? Where is beauty? Where is imperfection? Who is reality? What is BLANK? ...but more importantly, Boar, what are you?

Every creator sees no canvas is ever blank. An unfilled canvas is home to many masterpieces, it takes the artist to uncover them. I am a masterpiece, I am a creator, and neither CHIKARA nor the world at large world is arranged to accept all that I am.

The violence, the destruction, the gores! I like them Boar, but you are merely a sketch. You hide Boar, you hide behind a face, a grotesque and vile face, but I want to know what's inside... The masterpiece that I am was forced into this current stitched confinement. This is not my choice, but the shelter you choose is yours, Boar. I'm not the one who needs to hide Boar, what beauty do you wish to conceal? How might I help you realize a new aesthetic?

I'm interested in creation, I've sketched, I've traced and I've begun many pieces. But none have been to my satisfaction... yet.

Boar you are grotesque, in an out-moded sort of way, but I am of the belief I could make you more... today! I find nothing as offensive as wasted potential but I know I could help you rid yourself of the waste. Be the first piece in my avant garde. The exhibition begins on National Pro Wrestling Day!

Blog: Solo Darling (1.26.18)

Posted: January 26, 2018

I used to believe that magic was some outside wonder. An attainable feeling that we can pull into and around us, as if there was a Magic Championship we would climb the ladder for, then achieve and harness, if we just believed hard enough. As the turn of the Sugar Creature evolved, tagging with you Travis, I realize it’s so much more than that. You made me see the whole scope. Magic can neither be created nor destroyed, it is nurtured from within. It is brought out by those that want us to reach the ultimate version of ourselves. Your journey from the crowd, to being a referee, to being by my side is nothing to overlook and you’re more than “just” Travis Huckabee. You’re my teammate, the "Golden Grappler," Travis Huckabee, a Rumblebee.

No matter what side of the guardrail you’re on, we’re all connected, even when you were watching Gran Akuma from the other side. I know you studied guys like Akuma and Icarus, admired them from afar. Akuma is grand, but he, like you and I, is human. Don’t let the admiration of man, become greater than respect. Beware of the folly of hero worship. He's a wrestler. Now, you are too, Travis.

From when we started to now, we have grown so much together. Just look at our pictures from when we started versus how we are now! I believe in us, T-Rav, so much so that I will be spreading the buzz about the Rumblebees in MA this Sunday. I won't be there to cheer you on to victory, but the CHIKARMY won't let you down at "Beware the Snowman."


Blog: Travis Huckabee (1.17.18)

Posted: January 17, 2018

I have a 10-year history with CHIKARA, but most of those years were spent as a fan, then as a trainee and referee, and only just recently, as a professional wrestler. During our holiday break, I fired up CHIKARAtopia and revisited some of the older events that made me a fan, way back when. If I wasn't feeling nostalgic already, it was during one of these viewings when I first heard news about my opponent for the Season 19 Premiere; the upcoming "Beware the Snowman" card. I'm scheduled to face Gran Akuma.

I still remember the stories that I had heard about Gran Akuma. There were two that I always remember for whatever reason. The first was that Akuma was forced to wear two pairs of kickpads, because his kicks delivered so much force. When he didn't double up, the other trainees in class would drop like flies. I'm not sure if that story is true or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. The second is that it took him less than a year, from the day he began training to make his in-ring debut. He's a natural. That story I KNOW to be true.

To hear a story is one thing, but to SEE something is very different. When I first became of F.I.S.T., they were already los Campeones de Parejas. Having fought for the Campeonatos before, I can speak to what that means. I know how hard the journey can be, and how seemingly impossible it can feel to stay atop the mountain once you conquer it. If this wasn't enough, I was there in March of 2009 as Akuma, Icarus, and Chuck Taylor defeated none other than Claudio Castagnoli, Dave Taylor, and Bryan Danielson to win King of Trios.

I am no Akuma. I'm just Travis Huckabee. I am the Golden Grappler and I am the one who chased his dream for a decade to get the chance to step into the ring with some of those greats that came before me. Akuma hits hard, but so did Silver Ant, and so did Rory Gulak, and I took what they had and came back for more. Akuma is a natural in the ring and he's always training, always making himself better, but no one logs more hours at the Wrestle Factory than I do. It took me less than a year to earn a spot aside Zack Sabre, Jr., Hallowicked and Mike Quackenbush in the Johnny Kidd Invitational.

The fan in me couldn't be more excited for January 28th and the wrestler I've become will give 110% between the bells. My opponent hasn't had much of a challenge since returning to CHIKARA. I'm going to change that, at #BewareTheSnowman.

Akuma, let's rumble.