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Blog: Officer Bruno Meloni (9.27.17)

Posted: September 27, 2017

Duty. It's the one tenet that calls all men and women in blue to serve. It was the virtue that inspired Officer Magnum and me to respond to Officer Barksdale's repeated radio calls for backup.

When we arrived within the talented tag team division during Season 17 I knew that The Force would be fighting uphill to ascend the ranks, much like Barksdale, Magnum, and I did as police officers. We were able to subdue our opposition using stellar teamwork. The motivation of fighting for justice often provided the boost we needed when situations looked dire.

Then came the afternoon of March 4th, our shot at los Campeonatos de Parejas. On multiple occasions we were moments away from capturing the gold, however Crummels and Defarge's tactics were superior on that snowy day. It seemed to start a downward spiral for The Force. Whether we were complacent, full of hubris, or just caught a string of bad luck, we could not get our momentum back. This feeling was reminiscent of the leads in a case going cold. It was completely demoralizing. So The Force went back to the bulletin board and revamped our technique. We were ready to start anew after King of Trios.

At the end of a training session last week I received a call from my former police chief. She asked me to return to police work, citing that the district was in shambles since I left. A wave of urban unrest was brewing and my no nonsense approach was the best solution. I have had two vocations in my life, professional wrestling and law enforcement. Giving less than 110% of myself to either was a disservice to both.

After much deliberation with my team, we were at a standstill. As I laid my head down to sleep that night, I was reminded of the satisfaction I felt after a long shift knowing that my city was safe for another day. I recalled the surge of emotions felt from a relieved mother uncontrollably hugging me after the safe return of her child. And I could never forget the gratification knowing that my citizens could rest easily while I was on an overnight patrol. I knew that returning to police duty at my previous post in the First District of D.C was the most altruistic choice.

My moments in a wrestling ring, while short, have been unforgettable. I leave Barksdale in the four capable paws of Officer Magnum. Barksdale has also found good, reliable backup in the form of Dez Peloton. I think those energetic cyclists are a magnificent fit compared to my pragmatism. I wish them all the best of luck. Lastly, thank you citizens of the CHIKARMY. It is your support, which drives us wrestlers to make the sacrifices we do for this craft. It has been my honor to serve you.

This is Officer Bruno Meloni, 10-42, over and out.

Blog: Ashley Vox (9.25.17)

Posted: September 25, 2017

A lot goes on in my mind. Some may say I'm not the same person I use to be. Ya know, the sweet happy go-getter. The Ashley Vox who smiled and laughed a lot. I can't lie, I haven't been great. I lost so much in such a short amount of time. All I can think about is that day Merlok broke into my life. Saw an opportunity, and as any devious person would... took advantage of it! I feel betrayed, I feel defeated. I lost my best friend. I'll never see her again. I lost my Sea Star, I lost my mentor, but most of all, I lost myself. I don't know who Ashley Vox is anymore, that's the scary thing.

I have a hard time sleeping at night, because the visuals of that day still pop in my head. I wake up, realizing that this nightmare is real. I have to live life knowing I lost everything. Knowing what was taken away from me. Knowing there was a time when I had everything...when I had a smile, a laugh, when I knew who I was. But, I feel dead inside now, knowing I have no choice but to move on. The only thing that keeps me going, is seeking my revenge on Merlok. September 30th is just days away. Close enough that I can taste it. You might wonder "is Ashley Vox really ready? To face a beast alone?" Well...there is no direction for me other than right through Merlok. I'm not going to just face my demons, I'm going to unleash them.


Blog: The Whisper (8.23.17)

Posted: August 23, 2017

I learned so many lessons studying my father's pocket watch. Listening to his deep, steady voice. Watching him bind others' will to his own. He had a skill...a gift. I have it too.

But this gift is not to be squandered. I see you squandering your gifts, snake. You play children's games with yours. You make men dance for you like puppets on a string. But hypnosis is so much more than what your amateur hands can craft.

You imagined your gifts made you superior. Until I arrived, maybe you were. You imagined your secrets were safe. Until I arrived, maybe they were. You can wear the mask of Ophidian, you can wear the mask of 17, but none of this hides your identity from me. You are a charlatan, nothing more. A fake.

I buried you. My father would have pitied you. He would have shown you the compassion his son lacks. I shed those trappings now, or I cannot be complete. It is not enough for an animal to change its spots.

I see through the snake's eyes. I see. I wear the snake's skin. I slither. I am the snake ... but in its ultimate form. I will prove my superiority. I will be the best Ophidian, and laugh in the face of his failed ghost.

Wrestling is filled with hollow victories. Accolades that in and of themselves have no meaning. Only by taking his place, by proving my superiority, can this victory have meaning, have completeness.