The Night Shift continues to show their dominance in CHIKARA! Hallowicked wrestles UltraMantis in a first-time match-up, while lightweight Blind Rage takes on heavyweight Don
Montoya! Reckless Youth and Mike Quackenbush team up to take on special guest La Parka (a.k.a L.A. Park) and Mister ZERO in an oddball main event.


1 Ten Man Battle Royal: Blind Rage vs Don Montoya vs Hallowicked vs Ichabod Slayne vs Love Bug vs Marshall Law vs Mike Quackenbush vs Mister ZERO vs Ninja Mexicano vs UltraMantis Exclusive
2 Hallowicked vs UltraMantis Exclusive
3 Phantasmo vs Zane Madrox Exclusive
4 Blind Rage vs Don Montoya Exclusive
5 The Black T-Shirt Squad vs Mister ZERO, La Parka Exclusive