The second graduating class from the Wrestle Factory begins to debut with this event! DJ Skittlez, Gran Akuma, Eddie Kingston, Blackjack Marciano, Melvin Snodgrass and Lester Crabtree all make their CHIKARA debuts! Ten wrestlers compete in the “Double Jeopardy Battle Royal” and the two survivors must face off later on in the event.


1 Love Bug vs Marshall Law vs DJ Skittlez vs Dragonfly vs Gran Akuma vs Hallowicked vs Ichabod Slayne vs Mister ZERO vs Phantasmo vs UltraMantis Exclusive
2 The Wildcards vs The Senior Assault Team Exclusive
3 DJ Skittlez vs Phantasmo Exclusive
4 Marshall Law vs Love Bug Exclusive
5 Dragonfly, Gran Akuma, Mike Quackenbush, UltraMantis vs The Nightshift , Mister ZERO Exclusive