Gran Akuma faces Jigsaw in a battle of the second graduating classmates! Mercedes Martinez wrestles Alexis Laree in a featured attraction. Mitch Ryder makes his CHIKARA debut alongside Blackjack Marciano and Eddie Kingston facing the extremely unlikely trio of Mike Quackenbush, Melvin Snodgrass and UltraMantis!


1 Beth Phoenix vs Amber Holly Exclusive
2 Gran Akuma vs Jigsaw Exclusive
3 Hallowicked vs DJ Skittlez Exclusive
4 Macaela Mercedes vs Lexie Fyfe Exclusive
5 Mister ZERO vs Dragonfly Exclusive
6 Mercedes Martinez vs Alexis Laree Exclusive
7 Mitch Ryder, BlackJack Marciano, Eddie Kingston vs Mike Quackenbush, Melvin Snodgrass, UltraMantis Exclusive