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(Season 10 Premiere) The BDK tries to regain control over CHIKARA after losing los Campeonatos de Parejas at the end of last season! Sinn Bodhi wants to make UltraMantis Black suffer after breaking their agreement, while Hallowicked and Frightmare fight Sinn’s protégés, The demonic Batiri!


1 The Osirian Portal vs F.I.S.T. Exclusive
2 Madison Eagles vs Daizee Haze Exclusive
3 The Roughnecks vs The Throwbacks Exclusive
4 Da Soul Touchaz vs BDK Exclusive
5 Incoherence vs The Batiri Exclusive
6 UltraMantis Black vs Sinn Bodhi Exclusive
7 Eddie Kingston vs El Generico Exclusive
8 BDK vs Jigsaw, Mike Quackenbush, The Colony Exclusive