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Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw make their first Campeonatos de Parejas defense against The Batiri! Tim Donst begins his quest to prove he is the greatest Young Lions Cup Champion by wrestling former champion Max Boyer! The feud between the Throwbacks and The Roughnecks heats up as Brodie Lee takes on Sugar Dunkerton one-on-one!


1 Claudio Castagnoli vs Dasher Hatfield Exclusive
2 The UnStable vs 3.0 Exclusive
3 Icarus vs Gregory Iron Exclusive
4 Brodie Lee vs Sugar Dunkerton Exclusive
5 The Colony vs The Osirian Portal Exclusive
6 Young Lions Cup: Rich Swann vs Frightmare Exclusive
7 Tim Donst vs Max Boyer Exclusive
8 Eddie Kingston vs Johnny Gargano Exclusive
9 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Batiri vs Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw Exclusive
10 Osaka Pro Bonus Match: Black Buffalo, Tiger's Mask, Tadasuke vs Dasher Hatfield, Vin Gerard, STIGMA Exclusive