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As the dust settles from King of Trios, Tursas fights UltraMantis Black, Delirious takes on Hallowicked, and Frightmare teams up with Mike Quackenbush against F.I.S.T.! In the main event, The Batiri fight The Colony three-on-three!


1 The Throwbacks vs Los Ice Creams Exclusive
2 Tim Donst vs Kamakazi Kid Exclusive
3 Grizzly Redwood vs Daizee Haze Exclusive
4 Will O' The Wisp II vs Ophidian Exclusive
5 Tursas vs UltraMantis Black Exclusive
6 Delirious vs Hallowicked Exclusive
7 F.I.S.T. vs Frightmare, Mike Quackenbush Exclusive
8 Jakob Hammermeier vs Eddie Kingston Exclusive
9 The Batiri vs The Colony Exclusive