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The 12 Large: Summit round-robin to crown CHIKARA’s first Grand Champion begins here as Mike Quackenbush takes on Hallowicked! UltraMantis Black and Chuck Taylor fight throughout the Funplex and the Colony teams with Madison Eagles against the BDK’s Ares, Pinkie Sanchez, Jakob Hammermeier, and Daizee Haze! In a “Losers Must Break Up” match, the tag team of 3.0 battles The UnStable for the final time!


1 Hieracon vs Brodie Lee Exclusive
2 Frightmare vs Archibald Peck Exclusive
3 The Throwbacks vs The Batiri Exclusive
4 UltraMantis Black vs Chuck Taylor Exclusive
5 Eddie Kingston vs Sinn Bodhi Exclusive
6 The Colony , Madison Eagles vs BDK Exclusive
7 12 Large Summit: Hallowicked vs Mike Quackenbush Exclusive
8 Losing Team Must Break Up: 3.0 vs The UnStable Exclusive