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The 12 Large: Summit round-robin continues as Vin Gerard takes on Brodie Lee! Eddie Kingston brings the fight to Chuck Taylor! Top notch trios action takes center stage, when The Spectral Envoy battles Sinn Bodhi and The Batiri, plus The Colony face Amazing Red and Los Maximos!


1 Dasher Hatfield vs Jakob Hammermeier Exclusive
2 3.0 vs Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes Exclusive
3 Hieracon vs Grizzly Redwood Exclusive
4 Sinn Bohdi, The Batiri vs The Spectral Envoy Exclusive
5 Sugar Dunkerton vs Archibald Peck Exclusive
6 Eddie Kingston vs Chuck Taylor Exclusive
7 12 Large Summit: Vin Gerard vs Brodie Lee Exclusive
8 Amazing Red, The Maximos vs The Colony Exclusive