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Mike Quackenbush wrestles Ophidian and UltraMantis Black fights Eddie Kingston in two 12 Large: Summit matches! F.I.S.T. faces off with Hallowicked & Frightmare! The feud between Gregory Iron and Icarus escalates, while The Colony and The Throwbacks battle against the BDK’s best!


1 Gregory Iron vs Icarus Exclusive
2 Gavin Quinn, The H3RD vs Cameron Sky, Too Sweet Exclusive
3 Vin Gerard vs Hieracon Exclusive
4 The Throwbacks vs The BDK Exclusive
5 FIST vs Hallowicked, Frightmare Exclusive
6 12 Large Summit: Mike Quackenbush vs Ophidian Exclusive
7 12 Large Summit: UltraMantis Black vs Eddie Kingston Exclusive
8 The Colony vs Exclusive