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In 12 Large: Summit action, Jigsaw wrestles Eddie Kingston and Claudio Castagnoli fights Sara Del Rey! F.I.S.T. meet surprise opponents in CMLL superstars Atlantis and Rey Bucanero! Johnny Saint and Johnny Kidd face off in tag team action, with Mike Quackenbush and Colt Cabana as their respective partners!


1 Makoto vs Tsukasa Fujimoto Exclusive
2 Dasher Hatfield vs Archibald Peck Exclusive
3 Mima Shimoda vs Daizee Haze Exclusive
4 The Spectral Envoy vs Team 3.Ole' Exclusive
5 F.I.S.T. vs Atlantis, Rey Bucanero Exclusive
6 Eddie Kingston vs Jigsaw Exclusive
7 Johnny Saint, Mike Quackenbush vs Johnny Kidd, Colt Cabana Exclusive
8 12 Large Summit: Sara Del Rey vs Claudio Castagnoli Exclusive