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The BDK soldiers on after the departure of Claudio Castagnoli, but the group is further undermined as Sara Del Rey squares off with Ares! In the 12 Large: Summit, Jigsaw tries to get his first points against Vin Gerard, while Mike Quackenbush and Icarus battle to become the leader of their block!


1 The Batiri vs The Throwbacks Exclusive
2 Johnny Gargano vs Marshe Rockett Exclusive
3 Amber, Da Hoodz , Doug Summers, JT Dunn vs Buddy Romano, The Minute Men , Todd Sople, Triplelicious Exclusive
4 12 Large Summit: Vin Gerard vs Jigsaw Exclusive
5 Chuck Taylor vs Ophidian Exclusive
6 Ares vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive
7 12 Large Summit: Icarus vs Mike Quackenbush Exclusive
8 BDK vs The Colony Exclusive