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Jigsaw meets Ring of Honor star Eddie Edwards in a brutal contest! In the penultimate 12 Large: Summit match, Eddie Kingston gets a chance at revenge against Vin Gerard! The BDK attempts to create momentum as the Torneo Cibernetico nears while The Throwbacks vie to become los Campeones de Parejas as they challenge F.I.S.T.!


1 Kodama vs Ophidian Exclusive
2 Archibald Peck vs Marion Fontaine Exclusive
3 The Batiri vs 3.0 vs The Roughnecks vs The Colony Exclusive
4 Eddie Edwards vs Jigsaw Exclusive
5 Tim Donst vs Green Ant Exclusive
6 12 Large Summit: Vin Gerard vs Eddie Kingston Exclusive
7 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Throwbacks vs F.I.S.T. Exclusive
8 Tursas vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive
9 BDK vs Spectral Envoy Exclusive