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Tim Donst captains a squad featuring Ares, Delirious, Tursas, Jakob Hammermeier and The Batiri against Hallowicked’s squad of UltraMantis Black, Sara Del Rey, The Young Bucks, The Throwbacks, and Green Ant during the Torneo Cibernetico! Shenanigans abound when Darkness Crabtree takes on Steve "The Turtle" Weiner!


1 Gavin Sings Exclusive
2 Ophidian vs El Generico Exclusive
3 Grizzly Redwood vs Jigsaw Exclusive
4 The Bravado Brothers vs 3.0 Exclusive
5 Darkness Crabtree vs Steve "The Turtle" Weiner Exclusive
6 Chuck Taylor vs Fire Ant Exclusive
7 Torneo Cibernetico: The Spectral Envoy , Sara Del Rey, The Young Bucks , The Throwbacks , Green Ant vs BDK , The Batiri Exclusive