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(Season 10 Finale) CHIKARA's makes its first venture into iPay-Per-View, as the BDK make their final stand and the 12 Large: Summit climaxes in the crowning of a Grand Champion! Scores are settled as Green Ant meets Tursas, Archibald Peck faces Colt Cabana, and Gregory Iron seeks to silence Icarus!


1 Intro Video Exclusive
2 The Young Bucks vs The Colony Exclusive
3 Jakob Hammermeier vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive
4 The Osirian Portal speak Exclusive
5 Green Ant vs Tursas Exclusive
6 Archibald Peck vs Colt Cabana Exclusive
7 Icarus vs Gregory Iron Exclusive
8 No Disqualification: BDK vs The Spectral Envoy Exclusive
9 Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston vs Mike Quackenbush Exclusive