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Ophidian aligns with Delirious and steals UltraMantis Black’s enchanted staff! Tim Donst seeks to regain his Young Lions Cup from Hallowicked, while Archibald Peck wrestles (and poses with) Chuck Taylor! Brodie Lee tries to take the Grand Championship from former partner Eddie Kingston in a brutal main event match.


1 Mike Bailey vs Mathieu St. Jacques Exclusive
2 Jigsaw vs Mr. Touchdown Exclusive
3 Sara Del Rey vs Leah Von Dutch Exclusive
4 Dasher Hatfield vs Ophidian Exclusive
5 3.0 , El Generico vs The Batiri Exclusive
6 UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked vs 17, The Shard Exclusive
7 Archibald Peck vs Chuck Taylor Exclusive
8 The Colony vs The Swarm Exclusive
9 Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston vs Brodie Lee Exclusive