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UltraMantis Black attempts to reclaim his staff, Mixed Martial Archie brings the pain, and Gran Akuma faces Gregory Iron in the second match of his trial series! Tim Donst petitions for a match with Hallowicked! Eddie Kingston and The Colony unite against GEKIDO!


1 Ophidian vs UltraMantis Black Exclusive
2 Kobald vs Saturyne Exclusive
3 F.I.S.T. vs Los Maximos vs The Bravado Brothers vs QT Marshall Law, Jack Bonza Exclusive
4 Mixed Martial Archie vs Mr. Touchdown Exclusive
5 Jigsaw vs Tim Donst Exclusive
6 Jakob Hammermeier vs Dragonfly Exclusive
7 Gregory Iron vs Gran Akuma Exclusive
8 Kodama vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive
9 Eddie Kingston, The Colony vs 17, The Shard, The Swarm Exclusive