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The Colony and Jigsaw team up against GEKIDO, while 17 ends the career of debuting Wrestle Factory rookie Tianlong! Tim Donst reclaims his Young Lions Cup and Gran Akuma’s trials continue in a handicap match! Kevin Steen returns to CHIKARA to try and win the Grand Championship from Eddie Kingston in the climax of this cooperative venture with Ring of Honor.


1 The Shard, The Swarm vs The Colony , Jigsaw Exclusive
2 Mixed Martial Archie vs Kobald Exclusive
3 The Throwbacks vs The Batiri Exclusive
4 Tianlong vs 17 Exclusive
5 AC/DC vs The Young Bucks Exclusive
6 3.0 , The Spectral Envoy vs Tim Donst, Jakob Hammermeier, The Bravado Brothers Exclusive
7 Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston vs Kevin Steen Exclusive
8 F.I.S.T. vs Gran Akuma Exclusive
9 El Generico vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive