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The Bravado Brothers fight Dash Chisako and Sendai Sachiko of Japan's Sendai Girls organization, as Meiko Satomura wrestles Sara Del Rey! The Batiri, The Swarm, the Spectral Envoy, and Tim Donst, Delirious and Jakob Hammermeier battle in a 4-corner trios match! Eddie Kingston defends the CHIKARA Grand Championship in the much-anticipated main event, against Jigsaw!


1 Dasher Hatfield vs Colt Cabana Exclusive
2 Saturyne vs Kagetsu Exclusive
3 Los Ice Creams vs The Colony Exclusive
4 The Bravado Brothers vs Dash Chisako, Sendai Sachiko Exclusive
5 17, The Shard vs 3.0 Exclusive
6 Meiko Satomura vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive
7 The Batiri vs The Swarm vs Spectral Envoy vs Tim Donst, Delirious, Jakob Hammermeier Exclusive
8 Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston vs Jigsaw Exclusive