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The Young Lions Cup X tournament begins and the first 4-way eliminator features Jakob Hammermeier, Ethan Page, Sebastian Suave, and Buxx Belmar! A changed Tim Donst wrestles Sugar Dunkerton! Mike Quackenbush and The Colony want revenge on GEKIDO, while 3.0 seeks the same against their rivals, The Bravado Brothers!


1 Leah Von Dutch vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive
2 Tim Donst vs Sugar Dunkerton Exclusive
3 Young Lions Cup X Eliminator # 1: Jakob Hammermeier vs Ethan Page vs Sebastian Suave vs Buxx Belmar Exclusive
4 Dasher Hatfield vs El Generico Exclusive
5 Icarus speaks Exclusive
6 The Shard v, AssailANT, DeviANT vs Mike Quackenbush, The Colony Exclusive
7 Jigsaw vs Ophidian Exclusive
8 The Bravado Brothers vs 3.0 Exclusive