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In the second Young Lions Cup X eliminator, Mr. Touchdown, Jason Axe, Tripp Cassidy and Ryan Rush face off! GEKIDO and CHIKARA square off in singles matches while a desperate Tim Donst wrestles Sara Del Rey! Eddie Kingston must defend the Grand Championship against Dasher Hatfield!


1 deviANT vs Green Ant Exclusive
2 Jakob Hammermeier vs Sugar Dunkerton Exclusive
3 The Shard vs Jigsaw Exclusive
4 Tim Donst vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive
5 The Bravado Brothers vs The Spectral Envoy Exclusive
6 Young Lions Cup X Eliminator # 2: Mr. Touchdown vs Jason Axe vs Tripp Cassidy vs Ryan Rush Exclusive
7 AssailANT vs Soldier Ant Exclusive
8 Ophidian, F.I.S.T. vs 3.0 , Gran Akuma, El Generico Exclusive
9 Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston vs Dasher Hatfield Exclusive