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The final Young Lions Cup X eliminator features ACH, JT Dunn, Aaron Epic and Vinny Marseglia! Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur’s CHIKARAbermetrics forces Soldier Ant into GEKIDO! The Young Bucks defend los Campeonatos de Parejas against #1 contenders The Throwbacks!


1 Spectral Envoy vs Soldier Ant, combatANT, deviANT Exclusive
2 Ophidian vs Sugar Dunkerton Exclusive
3 The Shard vs The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger Exclusive
4 The Batiri vs 3.0 , Gran Akuma Exclusive
5 Icarus vs Sara Del Rey Exclusive
6 Jakob Hammermeier vs Jigsaw Exclusive
7 Los Ice Creams vs Steve "The Turtle" Weiner, Green Ant Exclusive
8 Young Lions Cup X Eliminator # 4: JT Dunn vs Aaron Epic vs ACH vs Vinny Marseglia Exclusive
9 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Throwbacks vs The Young Bucks Exclusive