A Benefit For Baseballtown Charities – The Devastation Corporation, along with their manager Sidney Bakabella make their debut! The Swarm faces The Spectral Envoy. The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger tries to keep his undefeated streak alive! In tag team action, Los Ice Creams face the unlikely duo of Marty Jannetty and Green Ant.


1 The Spectral Envoy vs The Swarm Exclusive
2 Sugar Dunkerton vs The Shard Exclusive
3 Alan Hunter, JJ Jackson vs The Devastation Corporation Exclusive
4 Ophidian vs Soldier Ant Exclusive
5 Fire Ant, Frightmare, Mike Quackenbush vs The Batiri Exclusive
6 Grizzly Redwood vs The Mysterious And Handsome Stranger Exclusive
7 Green Ant, Marty Jannetty vs Los Ice Creams Exclusive
8 Saturyne vs Tim Donst Exclusive
9 F.I.S.T. vs The Throwbacks Exclusive