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The biggest event of the season begins! During Night 1, sixteen teams (of three wrestlers each) representing groups such as CHIKARA, GEKIDO, JWP, Osaka Pro, Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling, and Ring of Honor start their quest to become King of Trios!


1 Opening Round - Team Sendai Girls vs The Colony Exclusive
2 Opening Round - The Batiri vs 3.0 Exclusive
3 Opening Round - F.I.S.T. vs Team Osaka Pro Exclusive
4 Opening Round - Jigsaw, Quackenbush, & Toyota vs The Swarm Exclusive
5 Opening Round - Team JWP vs The Throwbacks Exclusive
6 Opening Round - The Spectral Envoy vs Mihara, Stranger, Santana Exclusive
7 Opening Round - Team ROH vs The Faces of Pain Exclusive
8 Opening Round - The Extreme Trio vs Team WWF Exclusive