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As the eight remaining teams wrestle in the King of Trios quarter-final matches, Mr. Touchdown meets the 1-2-3 Kid and The Colony faces Osaka Pro's Ebessan and Takoyakida! Former Young Lions Cup Champion Tadasuke battles Eddie Kingston and CHIKARA Grand Championship hangs in the balance!


1 Quarter Final - F.I.S.T. vs Team JWP Exclusive
2 Mr. Touchdown vs Sean Waltman Exclusive
3 Quarter Final - The Spectral Envoy vs The Batiri Exclusive
4 Ebessan & Takoyakida vs The Colony Exclusive
5 Quarter Final - Team Sendai Girls vs Jigsaw, Quackenbush, and Toyota Exclusive
6 Tatanka vs Sugar Dunkerton Exclusive
7 Quarter Final - Team ROH vs The Extreme Trio Exclusive
8 CHIKARA Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston vs Tadasuke Exclusive